Written by Agravain on May 13th, 2009

I bought the Arcane Heroes box today. It’s part of the new “Player’s Handbook Heroes” collections of miniatures.
The boxes each contain three miniatures. I had a look at the other boxes in the store. I’ll cut right to the chase and lay it on you: they don’t look nice. They’re also pricy, $11 for three shoddy looking miniatures?

Knowing all this I still went ahead and bought them. Why? Because I badly want a miniature that looks right for my character. Ideally, it should be the correct race and class and look cool. A small number of the miniatures did look good, I’ll admit, so maybe you’ll have luck with “your character”. Odds are you won’t. My quest for decent player character miniatures continues!

I was looking forward to these miniatures and I got disappointed. They could have been great. My recommendation is to use your money on something else.

Update: The paint job and price has been improved in series 3!


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